Hi! My name is Allison LaMonica and I’m a senior! You may recognize me from seeing me taking photos at almost all events. I am super involved in school this year! I’m part of the music department, NHS, Link Crew, yearbook, and a couple of other things. In my free time, you may catch me binging Better Call Saul and Parks and Rec or watching Shane Dawson videos on YouTube. I also spend a lot of time working at Tim Hortons in downtown Wyandotte.

Possibly like you, I have been through a number of issues in my school career.  Beginning in 5th grade, I lost friends that I never thought I would lose, I broke bonds with my closest people, and lost family members. Cancer runs in my family so I have lost many of my closest family members including my grandfather, my aunt Amy, and my aunt Claire, who was my godmother and my best friend. Not only have I lost people, but I’ve struggled with depression and stress issues as well, but I have learned more about myself then I could have ever know of due to these issues. I don’t see my struggles as inconveniences, they are obstacles that have made me stronger after overcoming them. There is a light inside of you and you just need to find it. I am a very open person and am willing to talk to anyone about anything, so do not be afraid to contact me. Know that you aren’t alone 🙂