Hello! My name is Braylen! You may have seen me the past couple years on the Daily Dose. I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Dose and I am also involved in Yearbook. I love having a camera in my hand and I love making people smile. Usually in my free time i’m either sleeping or with my boyfriend Joe.  I’m kind of obsessed with Batman and I also really like scary movies and science fiction movies. I’m involved in band, I’m on the varsity tennis team, and I use to play hockey.

This past year has been a really tough one for me. It started off by, in February, I lost one of my best friends in a car accident. Things really haven’t been the same without her. Then a couple months later a friend of mine committed suicide. With both of those deaths back to back it has honestly taken a really big toll on me. I had tried to talk to my parents and friends about it but there is only so much everyone can do to help. So, this month I started seeing a therapist to help me through some of the rough patches. Besides just losing people, on the sides I suffer from ADHD and Anxiety. So, something that may seem small to someone else, feels like a big deal to me and that’s been a real big struggle this past year and through my whole life. I’ve always heard “stop exaggerating” and things like that when in reality I just didn’t know how to handle certain situations. One thing about me is no matter what, I try to put a smile on my face and act like everything is ok. I’ve learned that it is okay to have problems and to show that life isn’t perfect all the time. What matters is how you bounce back from the rough patches that come at you.