Hi I am a senior this year at the school. I am in our schools DECA program, a varsity swimmer and rower, a class officers and take honors and AP classes. I things I’m really passionate about is listening to music, I love listening to a lot of older music (70’s,60’s) my favorite band is Pink Floyd. I think music is the number one way to figure out how a person is and it is a great way to communicate. I’m also passionate about my dog Apollo. He’s a two year old Boston Terrier and coming home to him is my favorite part of my day.

A struggle I’ve had with mental health was in my sophomore year. I was in love with a senior and all my friends hated her but I chose her over my friends and I went from having a wide amount of friends to a very limited friend group. I really felt down about myself; I wanted the day to end, didn’t want to be at school and always thought about her when she was toxic to me. This girl didn’t have the same feelings for me as I did for her and I just constantly beat myself over it. But as time went one I started caring less and less about her and she eventually graduated and now I am back with all my friends and talk to everyone I see.