Hi! My name is Emily. You’ve might have seen me around the school or on varsity volleyball. I also play softball and played basketball in the past. I love laughing and spending my free time hanging out with friends, although I wouldn’t mind spending some of it sleeping. I also have a crazy obsession over frozen fanta and my cat. I even love to dance, even though all my friends tell me i’m bad at it.

Even though it might seem like I have my life together, I really don’t. In middle school, I went through depression by myself for a year. I felt that if I told someone about my problems that they wouldn’t care or that it would only get worse. I tried my best being myself, but I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, or everyone hated me. I had anxiety that I didn’t look right or that I wasn’t doing what everyone else was. Even now, I still worry about whether people will like me or if they’ll keep being my friend. I overthink what people are saying and sometimes let that get to my head. I’m also very emotional, even when laughing I cry! People tend to make fun of me for it. I know now that I just have to be myself and ease up because sometimes I’m my worst enemy. People aren’t always judging me like I think they are. I also have dealt with loses in my life. My Great Grandfather passed away with Alzheimer’s and my cousin died from an overdose in the same year. It was hard for me but my friends and family helped me overcome those struggles. Everyone over the past years have impacted me so greatly and made me into such a positive and optimistic person today. I would love to help someone, even just one person, look on the better side of life. Life really does get better even if it doesn’t seem like it. The glass is always half full, never empty!