Hey! I’m Hannah Gripp. I’m really passionate about writing, psychology, and animals, specifically my dog. I love spending my time in bed watching movies or reading books. I’m currently watching American Horror Story, The Office (for the fourth time), and Jane the Virgin. But I’m always down for netflix suggestions so please send them my way. I’m also obsessed with Shane Dawson or any conspiracy theory. You’ll probably find me stressing out about applying for colleges or random situations, I’m a complex girl sometimes. I’m on the school’s varsity tennis team, I’m on the newspaper staff , and I work at Francesca’s in the mall! I love making new friends and talking/ laughing way too much!

I just transferred to Wyandotte last year. I didn’t know anyone and I was scared out of my mind. Before that I was in an awful environment. I was treated like absolute garbage for things of my life that I couldn’t control like my height, my parents’ illnesses and relationship, and honestly I got so much crap for just being who I am. I was depressed for a really really long time in my life, like years and I truly understand what it means to be purely sad, sometimes for no reason at all. My dad has terminal cancer which has taken an intense emotional toll on me. A couple days before my junior year, someone in my close family attempted to commit suicide with a drug overdose. Sadly, I was alone with them and found them. I had to take immediate action and call 911 and to spend the rest of my night being interrogated about this family member’s drug problem, when I didn’t even know if they were alive or not. This broke me, and I gained really bad anxiety from it. I hated life and I hated myself and I just wanted it to be over. I didn’t go to school or do my work or really ever leave my house. I got into some bad habits and made some mistakes I will never be able to take back. I was so different, and became really awkward and sad all of the time. That caused me to see how awful people, especially my own friends, could be. I felt abandoned by everyone in my life and that I didn’t have any support or anyone who understood. I wanted to give up last year, but over time  I learned how to be my own happiness and all I want now is to help others feel that as well. I want to be there to help you find that strength, and power in yourself to where the bad parts of life are no match for your inner happiness. I understand the awfulness of life and I won’t sugar coat it, it sucks, but I promise all of you, happiness is somewhere inside of everyone 🙂