Hi my name is Jazlyn, you may have seen me in the halls at school or at sporting events. I’m very into being involved in the school, I’m a three sport athlete through Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. I’m a junior at RHS. In my freetime i like hanging out with my friends, my boyfriend, and sleeping. My favorite TV show is Quantico, it’s on Netflix and i highly recommend it. My favorite color is sunset orange, and my best friends are Kayla Kemeny and Emily Ostrowski.

I’ve been through a lot these past three years of high school. You start learning who your friends are and aren’t, throughout learning that i lost someone who was one of my best friends but I’ve also gained new ones. For those of you that know, last year was a very tough year for Wyandotte. The lives we lost were irreplaceable to a multitude of us. hroughout these three years I’ve lost my uncle who i was very close with to John Hodgkins cancer, my aunt was also diagnosed with cancer, and my grandma has a lot of pulmonary issues going on. Juggling all this, along with school and sports, has been really hard. Sometimes i forget why i even do it, a lot of the time the reason i can do it is because i have my best friends and my boyfriend and my parents to lean on. Sometimes they’re hard to talk to things about so i think it’s just easier depending on the situation to talk to someone outside of the problem who doesn’t know any of what’s going on. I’m doing this because while i know i have a support system not everyone has one and i know that can be hard, so if anyone needs help i want them to be able to come to me. While I’ve always been the one being helped, i think it’s time to return the favor.