I’m Josh Kish, a senior who is into movies, comics, and especially art. In fact, when I’m not in any of my actual classes, you will always find me in the art room working on my next project! With that, since I recently made a decision to end something that was really what I created my schedule around, this year I’ve decided to join as many clubs as I can. Currently, I’m in art club, student council, nhs, book club, quiz bowl, ttf, and the cadet program outside of school!

For the longest time I was holding onto something that would eat at me every day and I never knew quite how to let it go. While it still haunts me, I know I have made leaps and bounds to grow past it. Without going into too much detail, I’ve only seen my dad once since I was five. It was at a restaurant, and he was legally obligated to stay 100ft away from me and my family at all times. You could say the divorce was messy, but the marriage was messier. In the end, I know that growing up without my dad has made me who I am, and I would not want it any other way.