Hi there! My name is Zack. You may recognize me from The Dotte Radio, or by running the scoreboard. I really like technology. I design and develop websites and apps for businesses, and companies. In my free time I like to play games such as GTA V or Rainbow Six Siege. My favorite T.V. show is Rick and Morty. My favorite bands include, A.J.R. and the Arctic Monkeys.

I’ve been through a bit these past few years. I lost both my Great Grandfather and Uncle to cancer. In 2014 my father had a traumatic brain injury and he will never be himself again. Just this past year in 2017, I lost my Grandmother who was my best friend.  She had an opioid addiction, and ended up overdosing. I had asked my parents to sign me up for counseling because I felt embarrassed to talk to my friends and family. They never did get me help. Finally after a few months of being depressed and sad all the time, I reached out to my friends, and peers. They helped me through my hard times. They showed me why everything will be okay, and how I will get better. Now I believe it is my job to help those going through hard times, and tell them that everything always gets better. Always.